pH is key factor in aquaculture pond. Quality and sustainable algal bloom plays an important role in maintaining pH. By maintaining good pond bottom and water quality (free from organic load) helps to control algal crashes and imbalance in pH. It is a known fact that stable algal bloom contributes 50% success in aquaculture. Periodical application of quality – water and soil probiotic helps to sustain stable plankton, control fluctuations and balance pH.

Application of stabilized form of quality sanitizers/disinfectants followed by quality adsorbent.

Timely application of non corrosive, fast and sustain form of oxygen releasers and gas adsorbents.

Scientifically exact reason for white gut problem in shrimp is not established. General perception is that when the pond bottom accumulated with high organic load and forms sludge, as also growth of toxic algae which may be consumed by shrimp causes white gut. On the other hand digestive tract infection and stress also may cause white gut. Solution: May be degradation of organic load with the help of effective probiotic and feeding with good quality high strength herbal anti bacterial agents and gut probiotics.

Indiscriminate use of antibiotics, high density, low aeration, poor or imbalanced feeding, stress (climate fluctuations) causes poor or stunted growth. Solution: Using enzymatic gels with complete nutrient profile can help in boosting immunity to with stand fluctuations and improve digestion thus promotes growth.

During molting process the delay in shell hardening makes shrimp more vulnerable for infections and injuries. Delay in shell hardening may be due to non-availability of certain minerals which may block the needful process. Solution: Uses of specially formulated products which helps in construction of carapace (shell) and musle (combination of calcium, potassium and magnesium along with suitable nutrients in available form).

Pond water/soil probiotic:
ppM: 3 days before stocking {to degrade benthic algae and organic load} to maintains pH, control pathogens
Should be applied in periodical intervals according to stocking densities {7 days to 15 days}.
dosage = 200 to 250 gm/acre

Minerals for pond water:
pondMIN+:  1 day before stocking
To relieve from stress, improve survival, develop bloom
periodical application {10 to 15 days} can help in controlling blue shell, soft shell, loose shell and molting problems etc.
dosage = 5 kg/acre

Pollutant/gas adsorbents/oxygen generator:
cheQz:  when pond water turns into turbid colour, in presence of toxic gasses and organic load, even after algal crash cheQz application in time very useful to degrade organic load, control lab lab, and to re-establish stable bloom
dosage = 25 kg/acre

actiO:  Should be applied during mass molting periods to prevent stress and mortality. during cloudy and high humid
weather conditions trigger depleted oxygen conditions in pond water, actiO application helps to improve the conditions
dosage = 500 gm to 1 kg/ ha

yukaG:  Should be applied when there is increase of toxic gases in pond bottom and to control mud smell
dosage = 500 gm/ha

bio BC:  Should be applied when the pond bottom soil is black with high organic load
dosage = 2 kg/ ha

Herbal resistance booster:
bioNa: Various studies have shown that selected herbal base has antibacterial and antiviral properties and can also act as an antioxidant in the body. bioNa is specially designed product with selected herbal base after 20 to 30 doc and during bad weather to boost immunity against one month syndrome and to control infections in gut.
dosage = 5-10 gm/kg feed

Feed probiotic / feed supplements:
ro:  Fom day one to till harvest to keep digestive system healthy and keep away gut infections also to improve pigmentation, and to enhance growth.
dosage = 5 gm to 10 gm/kg feed

Note: same dosage and procedure for viaMina, GROfast, proLIVE

CaPos:  Should be administrated along with feed immediately when blue or soft shell is observed and it is very useful if it’s mixed during last 15 to 30 days before harvest to prevent pealing, to improve pigmentation and improves body weight.
dosage = 5 gm to 10 gm for 1 kg feed

When bacterial/viral out breaks occurs, or during stress molting or to cure diseases like tail rot, antennal rot and infections like black/brown gill and protozoan/fungal can be cured by timely applying suitable quality sanitizers/ disinfectant as per the requirement.

Quality disinfectant is hard on target and should not alter pond environment especially algal bloom.
quantity, quality and right time is very important in disinfectant selection and application. Dosage may be increased or decreased based on expert advice or prevailing conditions in pond

SuPerio:  Controls black/brown gill, bacterial infections and induces molting in shrimp and can reduce wounds/red disease in fish.
dosage: shrimp: 500ml to 1litre/acre, fish: 300 to 750ml/acre

uniQsan:  Controls fungal problems, bacterial load and induces molting
dosage: shrimp: 5-10 liters/acre, fish 1-3 liters/acre

poWer 5d: Effective against bacterial growth, cures tail rot, antennal rot in shrimp and red disease in fishes. power 5d is safe even it is used in early stages of culture to control infections for both in shrimp and fish culture.
dosage: shrimp: 1-2 liters/acre, fish: 500ml to750ml/acre

p.s. : dosage may vary depending on the pond condition/cultured species health condition consult our field staff /your aquaculture specialist for specific dosage, usage and directions