Feed Supplements/enTOP

About Feed Supplements
Composition :

It is  a specialty combination of active ingredients of Piperine, Flavonoids, Polyphenols and Monnans in fine powder form enriched by plant extract concentrates with anti-fungal properties.

Benefits :

Dosage :

For Shrimp:

Normal condition to improve growth and immunity: 3-5g per Kg feed/day

Under stress condition/uneven/stunted growth/prevention of EHP: 5-8g per Kg feed/day

For treatment of EHP infected shrimp: 5-10g/Kg feed twice a day

For Fish: 2-3g per Kg feed

For better performance, use quality binder like HIBindz to bind enTOP to feed pellets.

Packing :

400g Bottle

Store :

Store in cool, dark, dry placeand avoid sun light to ensure best performance of the product to its full potential.